Wednesday, May 4, 2011

And We're Off!

We are leaving for the land of lobster, liquor and Liberals.... hmmmmm... Well at least they got the first two right!

Today we are driving into Whitehorse and tomorrow we will be flying out to Cape Breton for a two week visit with Matt's family. I am pretty sure my mother-in-law's head is about to explode with excitement!

And remember, if you are looking for something to do this weekend, head over to Faro for the 8th annual Crane and Sheep Festival! The cranes have been flying overhead all week and the sheep are hanging out on the hills. Don't miss this fantastic event!!


Morena said...

Have a great trip!

Sarah said...

Bon voyage!

Johanna said...

yum! sounds like a delicious trip ahead of you.! enjoy!

Kristi-Bisti said...

I am a bit envious of your trip! We took a holiday there a couple of years ago and my most favourite spot was Margaree Harbour. It was so beautiful. We even thought about moving out there.

Is your plane coming through Calgary? I can join your trip as an extra piece of luggage!

Have so much fun!