Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Headbands and Bracelets

I have been coming up with new ways to use the little scraps of fur I have left. Furs are so expensive that I really hate wasting any little bit. While out on vacation in Cape Breton I picked up a few headbands and bracelets and thought I was add a bit of fur to spicy them up a bit. I have done a few so far, and am really happy with the results!

Lynx fur puff:
Lynx fur puff:

Seal fur flower:

Seal fur bow:

Seal fur flower on a bracelet:

Lynx fur puff:


Sarah said...

I really like how you're expanding. So creative and beautiful!!

Erica said...

I wish headbands worked on my head, I really do!

Fawn said...

Super cute! You should get some of those snappy hair clips, too (the kind you bend back and forth to open and close - know what I mean?) They're so cheap to buy and you could use the same idea on them -- and they work for people who can't wear headbands. :)

Gen said...

Awesome idea! I hope you put these on your shopping site.