Sunday, May 22, 2011

Backyard Progress

Take a tour around my backyard! We are on year two of our landscaping projects. I am pretty sure it will last another five years, but I am so impressed with the progressive we have made in such a short amount of time.

Top level.
Today I put down grass seed and we still need to build planter boxes around the edges of the walls to keep the kids in. And by the end of the summer, the spot that I stood in to take this picture will be covered by a huge back deck!!

The sandbox play area:

Fire pit and our free score benches:

Hunter helped me sprinkle grass seed and then told me we needed to make a scarecrow to keep the birds from eating our seeds. He picked out the clothing and I put it together. He told me to give it an angry face so the birds would be scared. As you can tell, my artistic abilities are nil:

The new slide! I had wanted to connect the levels with slides ever since we started working on the back yard. Matt's folks thought they would make great birthday presents! So thank you Nanny and Poppy for funding the slides. We are still waiting for the second slide to arrive in Whitehorse. Since the planter boxes/kid retainer aren't done yet, we put a couple pieces of plywood up so the kids don't fall over the edge when getting on the slide.

Matt extended the wall to join with the upper wall and then added some stairs. This level is still just gravel and hopefully next year we start hauling dirt for it.

This is our awesome score from last fall. The daycare in Faro hasn't run in years and the equipment was put up for silent auction. We got this piece for $500 ($400 more than the next closest bid- damn!). Matt and the neighbour got it up and ready to go! Thank you Jim!!

The boys love the new equipment!!
Hopefully in another month you will see a slide coming down off of the second level. Still a heap of work to do, but I am pretty sure at the end of it we will have the best backyard in Faro! And that window on our house on the right? That will be a glass door and big window opening up to the back deck. Sigh. I cannot wait to sit up there!!


Geneviève said...

Hey, I want to come and play!!!

ps. Doug's in the Junction right now and I'm very jealous.

Morena said...

OMG!!! Can I say I'm green with envy right now. I'm jealous of the room and very jealous of the playground equipement... but the slides... SO MUCH FUN!

All of it is amazing.

Fawn said...

Actually, I'm pretty sure you have the best backyard in Faro (and possibly the Yukon) already.

Tina said...

I am uber jealous. I'm coming to visit. The boys can play in the backyard and I will swim in your tub.