Saturday, May 7, 2011

Northern Boys

While travelling, I really notice the difference in how we are raising our northern boys.

Our small town northern boys say hi to everyone they see when we walk around Faro (and whenever we are in Whitehorse too). They stop and wave to every vehicle that drives past during our daily walks around town. And they run.... far out of reach of our hands... because it is safe in our small northern town.

I am pretty sure our boys have said hi to a thousand different people in two days while in airports, planes and now here in Cape Breton. They are confused when people don't say hi back! Their little arms are tired from trying to wave to every vehicle they see. They readily tell everyone their name and where they are from. And they still run.... far out of reach of our hands... and I hate having to yell to tell them to come back.

People seem genuinely surprised when our kids wave and say hi to them. Is it that odd?

Hunter and I walked to the grocery store today and he had about 10 little grannies all fall in love with him there. The store was filled with seniors and Hunter waved and talked to each and every one that we passed. A couple of them looked like they would have loved to have pinched his cheeks as he grinned for them.

I am so glad we are raising our boys in a small northern town.


Carole said...

Hi Kara!
I hope you enjoy your time in Cape Breton. In my opinion, it's one of the most beautiful places in Canada (next to the Yukon, of course). lol

Fawn said...

Thumbs up to that!

(My girls are in love with the boys' playroom, btw!)

Anonymous said...

Down here in the States, I have noticed the same difference between Montana and Idaho. In Montana everyone waves and smiles, and in Idaho everyone looks at you like they think you are a stalker or something if you wave at them.

Tammy (Canadutch) said...

It freaks me out that you consider CB to be anything other than a small town
! You'd go bananas here in Rotterdam! haha

Morena said...

There are perks aren't there? However I have to agree with Tammy... is Cape Breton not just one big small town? hehe!

jozien said...

:) I remember such trips (which included Rotterdam:)
I hold my sons hand thightly and say sternly; here is where you never, never let go of my hand!

gosh your boys look cute indeed!!!

Anonymous said...

The girls are finally starting to get that they can't run all over and leave me behind wherever we go like they did up north, but I sure hope they never lose the friendly-ness that they learned up north!