Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Successful Moose Hunt!

Yesterday my husband bagged his first Yukon moose! He has shot a BC moose, a number of Nunavut caribou, but this was the first animal for the Yukon and the antlers measured 46". He and the friend he was hunting with actually shot two moose nearly at the same time. Boy did they have their work cut out for them!! Field dressing two moose, putting them and all of their overnight gear onto one quad and an argo and then quadding a couple of hours home. They made it in last night at nearly midnight.

I still have my moose tag and we both still have our caribou tags, so we might continue the hunting season to make sure we have enough meat for the next year. I am so proud of my husband!! Just so far not overly impressed with their field dressing technique. I spent all of today taking bits of leaves, twigs, dirt and hair out of all of the meat. I am really picky about my meat and want everything as clean as possible. We butcher our own meat, so everything is hanging in our garage next week and myself and my mom who will be up visiting next week will get it all cut and packaged.

Bring on winter! We are all ready now!

Cavan telling me that is a "mooooosh":

Hunter and the moose:

Lots of meat hanging in my garage!!

"Are you sure it's dead, Ma?"

My husband, looking mighty proud of his moose!

The area they were hunting in. How gorgeous is this?

Matt's hunting partner and his agro loaded to the hilt:

The happy, but exhausted, hunter:


Matthew said...

I miss having moose meat.


Just me said...

Moose, caribou, deer, elk, musk ox, polar bear...bring it on. Love them all!

Tell Matt congrat's on his mooosh. It's a nice one. And I hope you are able to get out and get one too!