Friday, September 17, 2010

Fishskin Fabrics!

Fabric selection across the North is a joke. Yes, there are Walmarts but have you ever tried to find the fabric in the store in Whitehorse? I think they are using that area as box storage lately. Other fabric stores are few and far between and many times overpriced to the point I walk out in frustration.

I have a solution! Well not really me, but my friend Jill sure has the solution. Jill, of Prince Rupert, BC, has started an online mail order fabric store! Her prices are fabulous and the selection is growing daily.

At Fishskin Fabric we are committed to encouraging the creativity of our customers by providing fresh, fun and modern fabric selection to crafters everywhere!

Head over to her website or check out her facebook page to peruse the lovely fabrics at a store run by a lovely woman. If you don't see what you are looking for, just send Jill a message and she will try her hardest to find what you want. Where else can you get service like this?

And as an added bonus, Jill wants to give readers of this blog a discount!! When you make your first purchase just enter "wenttofaro" as the coupon code and you will receive a 12% discount on your purchase. See, I told you she was a lovely woman!


Erica said...

Enabler! Not only are you enabling me to satisfy my fabric addictions, but you are getting me a discount!

Aida said...

very nice!! off to browse. pinkpandafabrics, she is based in Toronto offers free shipping to anywhere in canada (no minimum). and i've bought from her before and she ships free to nunavut :)

Fawn said...

Uh oh. I sense trouble. I will fall in love with fabrics, but I have no more time to sew. *sob, sob, sob*

Johanna said...

Yippeee! I am so excited that you posted this! I've been looking for an online fabric shop and would love to support a friend of a friend. I may not need anything just yet...but I will keep her in mind for my next purchase. Thank you so much !!!!

Sarah said...

Thanks Kara!

fishskin fabric said...

Oh thank you so much for helping me get the word out!

As well, I just wanted to mention that although we only do free shipping on orders over $200, we are $6/m (SIX DOLLARS!!!)cheaper at $12.98/m vs $19.00/m.

I opened the business because I think that Canadians need an AFFORDABLE way to support Canadian! Thank you all so very much for your interest and I look forward to helping you all with your next purchases!


Janet said...

Apparently Walmart is getting out of the fabric business. Not sure why but that's what a store clerk told me. In any event, these fabrics are so much nicer than anything you'd find in Walmart.