Friday, September 24, 2010

Little Helpers

I am pretty sure my mother had children for three reasons only. She needed slave labour to:
  1. Weed the garden
  2. Wash the dishes
  3. Turn the hand grinder when making burger from wild game
My boys should consider themselves pretty darn lucky that we have:
  1. A yard full of dirt instead gardens
  2. A dishwasher
  3. A 1 horsepower electric meat grinder
Now that doesn't mean my boys get off easily. They help with the yard work by moving dirt around in their dump trucks. Hunter now loads his own dishes into the dishwasher and helps me unload it. Cavan likes to unload it too. Usually while I am not looking and then he takes the big wooden handle steak knives out and uses one in each hand to saw at the kitchen door frame. Yep. That happened last week while I was doing laundry down the hall. As for the meat grinding you can see for yourself:

Hunter had zero interest in helping until he learned that it was his job to turn the meat grinder on and off. Then he really got into his job.

Cavan was wary of the grinder until he realized he liked what came out the other end. For some reason this kid likes his moose meat raw and in ground form. He kept stealing and eating the meat just like a little raven.

Here Hunter is transporting my wrapped packages of ground meat in his car while Cavan looks innocent, but really he kept trying to steal my masking tape and plastic wrap.

I think these boys are going to make fine slave labour as they grow. I think my mother was onto something.... Maybe I should start a garden next year..


Carole said...

Ewe, bad memories. Yes, I was one of those kids who stole raw ground beef while my mom was preparing dinner.

noinvitationrequired said...

Paige loves helping with grinding up caribou - she loves stuffing the meat in and pushing the plunger the end she is covered in blood, but doesn't seem to care!

canadianinclogs said...

Isabella is a little too young to help out just yet. But I'm counting down the days until she can push that vacuum cleaner!!! :)