Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cranberry Picking

Signs that fall has arrived in the Yukon:
  • the leaves change to yellow
  • temperatures start to dip below zero
  • neighbours start dropping off gifts of carrots, potatoes and beets
  • and the air is filled with the smell of stinky feet!
No, that last point isn't a result of the men in my household but the ripening cranberries in the bush!

This weekend we made our way to the secret cranberry picking spot and picked a whopping six pounds of berries in an hour and a half. Hunter picked about 10 berries and even Matt helped for a bit! I went back to the spot again with a friend the other night and we picked another nine pounds of berries.

The berries will be turned to juice and then into cranberry jelly, cranberry syrup and some juice will be frozen in ice-cube trays to be added to drinks over the winter. Hopefully I can get back out this week and get a few more ice cream buckets full of them before the snow arrives!

Heading the to secret spot.
Of course the dump trucks had to come!

My helper lasted all of three minutes:

Adding his pickings to mommy's bucket:


jozien said...

mmmmmmm i love those stinky feet cranberries! I might go pick my not so secret spot tomorrow. (it's not secret because it doesn't have to be, there's no one around to pick them besides me)

yukonkennie said...

can I like buy a bucket off of you? so I can like make cranberry scones later on? no rush ... need to get my freezer all frozen up first :-)