Monday, August 9, 2010

Vacation Part 3: Francis Lake

We spent five nights camping at Francis Lake up here in the Yukon. It is only about a three hour drive from Faro and is a gorgeous lake with a fabulous campground. The campground was very clean (same with all but one Yukon campground we have ever been to), had huge spots with many sites right on the lake, beaches full of rocks to make boys happy, and the every friendly Yukon squirrels.

My parents camped with us and we spent a lot of time out in my father's boat. The fishing wasn't all that great, but I got a lot of relaxing time and Matt drank a lot of beer so we were happy! I even got to read three novels and start a fourth while I was there. Amazing how many books I go through when the internet is no where to be found!

The boys were dirty within minutes of waking up and by the end of the day I am pretty sure they were dirtier than the ground in our site. They had a blast playing with their grandparents, taking turns driving the boat, poking at fish, throwing rocks, swimming, driving their gator around he campground, picking up girlfriends from the site next door, eating treats from grandma and chasing the squirrels. The weather was around 30C everyday, but it still cooled off in the evenings making it nice for sleeping. This was the best vacation with family I have ever had! I hope we can do it again another summer for sure.

The bugs were nasty though!
Both kids were covered in bites and Hunter even had this one right at the top of his butt crack!

Rubbermaid baths were mandatory for these kids every night!

And they didn't mind one bit!
And every night we got a shower too! My parents brought a shower tent and a propane water heater- what a treat!

Relaxing with a gorgeous Yukon view!
My father's boat!

Cavan driving the boat. The poor kid had so many bites on his face he looks as though he has chicken pox!

Cavan napped on the boat every morning!

Hunter taking the responsibility of driving the boat very seriously:

The cold lake felt great with the hot weather!
So one afternoon Hunter wanted to try swimming in the lake with his water wings. He wanted to catch up to his grandpa who was floating past at that moment. He stepped into the water and declared it too cold and ask me to carry him out deeper. So I did! Once I got about mid thigh he told me that was good and to let him swim out to catch the boat! So I obliged and dropped him into the cold lake! That kid clambered up me so fast I am not sure his swimsuit even got wet!! I had a good laugh, and he decided he would wait for the boat to come to shore to get him.
Playing peek-a-boo with grandma on the boat:

Cavan is in the silly grin phase and I love it!

Little boy underwear drying on the line. I just loved how this looked!

Dad and his little fish:

Matt caught a gorgeous trout!! Had it been just 1/4" longer we would have had to have thrown it back. Instead it was turned into fish burgers and is now in my freezer. Yum!

Hey you! No drinking and boating!

Happy times:

Dirty feet, dirty bums and of course no pants or shoes:

The boys and their grandparents:

And my huge trout! We had to throw it back because it was too big!


Ann said...

That's awesome. Looks like a fabulous time.

Linda said...

Thanks for the wonderful stories!

Johanna said...

fantastic pictures! I love the undies on the line pic. Looks like it was such a relaxing and fun filled trip! Love all the smiles on all the faces.