Monday, August 23, 2010

Family Quadding Time

Today Matt took the afternoon off work so we could join some friends of ours on an afternoon quad ride. Nothing brings a smile to my face quite like an afternoon quadding through the bush as a family.

We took a very kid friendly trail to a tower above Little Salmon Lake. It is about 16km each way and the view at the top in unbelievable.

Happily exploring our new spot:

Little Salmon marker thingy:

Cavan and I:

New family photo and of course neither kid is looking:

BLUEBERRIES! I could have picked for hours.
Instead I made do with filling half a zip lock bag.


Our friends exploring the area hand in hand:

Climbing their own little mountain:

Me and my backseat driver:

Our wheels:
I have now named my quad Betty. She is the one on the left.

Looks like the bears were into the blueberries too!

Couldn't quite stay away for the drive out:

Being silly:

Helping dad tie-down the quads for the drive home:

And supper tonight was blueberry pancakes!


Julia said...

Looks like you guys had FUN! and I like supper!

dogsled_stacie said...

Best. Supper. EVER!

Courtney said...

Betty is a good name, my SUV is Betty too

Matthew said...

Getting out on the Quad or snowmobile is the funist thing I enjoying doing.

Nice views and now I'm heading to the store to sell part of my soul for a small tub of blueberries.