Sunday, August 8, 2010

Vacation Part 1: Redneck Fun

Two weeks of vacation and nearly 700 photos and videos to sort through! I am breaking up the posts into a few parts to get it all in.

We headed south with the truck, camper and trailer on the Robert Campbell after Matt ditched work early. The kids were happy as clams to start their vacation and were so well behaved we got home an entire day earlier than we had planned! We covered 1500km in 30 hours- not bad for rain, two little boys, bison on the road, pee-breaks and a seven hour sleep! The RC highway was in great shape until the end where it was pouring rain through a nasty patch of construction. At one point we were going sideways through six inches of mud, going up-hill and hoping we would make it! Luckily we did- unlike a number of other people we heard about who had to get pulled through the mess with dozers.

The family was surprised to see us pull in the yard ahead of schedule! The quads, beers, and roasted pig came out for a fantastic redneck get together. The main reason we went down this year was to see my grandparents who drove up to my parents place. My boys got to meet their great-grandparents and my grandpa was giddy to see all of these little boys running around!

Other than relaxing at my parents place, Matt and I got an entire day kid free in Grande Prairie to shop, we saw other friends in the area and Matt drank even more beer! We were only there for five days and then headed north again.

Our unit on the way south:

Cavan is taking after his dad....

Both sides of my family enjoying the get-together:
Tires make comfy beds:
Double trouble!

Four generations! My mother's parents in the middle:

All the great-grandsons:

My boys loved playing with their great-grandpa:

The boys and their great-auntie Wenda:

Cavan trying to make off with his great-grandpa's truck!

Hunter making cake with his cousin Damon.
Look at the tongue of concentration on Damon!

Me driving the kids around on the RZR.
The little boys were not impressed that I had stopped!

Four dirty little hillbillies in the tub!

Splashing in grandma's pool:

Visiting with their buddy Gavin!
I have know his dad since I was in grade 3 and his mom since grade 7!

And a random meeting! Our friend Amanda who worked in Kugluktuk with Matt was in northern Alberta for a family reunion. She came back from Australia where she is currently working for the reunion and we drove over to see her! She hadn't seen us in over two years and it was great to visit with her and her new boyfriend.

Cavan swinging with Uncle Travis:

Everything is John Deere in our family!

Searching for frogs in the old dugout with grandma- of course Cavan is there without pants...

Wishing he could reach the pedal:

Next installment: the hot springs and the drive back north

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Tina said...

Love it! We SOO have to go camping together next year. Let's plan it now! Oh, BTW are you heading to the east coast next year? We are and if so we should try to plan it around the same time.