Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When Brothers Attack!

Hunter came running into the kitchen on the weekend crying and holding his upper arm. When I asked him what happened he answered, "Mr. Wiggles tried to eat me!"

Yep, Mr. Wiggles (also known as Cavan) had tried to eat him. On Hunter's arm was the perfect imprint of Mr. Wiggles chompers.

Mr. Wiggles displaying his anti-brother weaponry:


Fawn said...

I believe there's a book called Teeth are Not for Biting. :) You'll have to look for it at Mac's next time you're in town!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! Poor Hunter, he didn't see that one coming, did he?

Tina said...

Ahahahaha. It only gets worse my friend. Wait until fists fly and blood spills. Then the fun truly begins. Though, I love the Mr. Wiggles. That sounds like a post in itself.

Morena said...

I can't wait for Oliver to have a sibling. You have such great stories! Love that he calls him Mr. Wiggles.

deiss said...

Awesome! hee hee

Multiply that by 16, subtract the hilariousness and that equals my work.