Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Boys At Play

The weather in Faro has been unusually warm for February. Yesterday it went up to -5C and the sky was so blue! The boys and I went outside to play in our yard for the afternoon and to meet dad once he got home from work.

Showing dad the cave mom made for him:

Not as impressed with the snow cave:
Inspecting the truck together:

Moving snow. Check out the concentration on the task at hand:


Tigger said...

Looking good! The weather here has been fantastic too!! Gotta love the fact that the sun is staying up longer, and the temp is staying between -15 and -5!! Wahoo!! We have been outside for hours the last few days too.

jozien said...

Hi! This is so good to see, brings back memories of raising my son in the snow. He still loves the snow.