Monday, February 22, 2010

Checking Traplines

On Saturday we were invited out to enjoy the morning with some friends who live about 50km outside of Faro. The weather was perfect for an outing; it was -20C at 9am, but by noon it was nearing zero.

Matt and Hunter joined Luc and Quillian checking a trapline that is close to their home. Luckily for us they have two skidoos! That is one of the pricier items we have not replaced since leaving Kugluktuk. The boys had a great trip and were out for two hours and covered around 7km of trapline. Hunter returned with tales of the skidoo tipping over, falling into the snow and peeing in the woods. Definitely a good time, even if they did come home empty handed.

Cavan I stayed back at the cabin with Delphine and her new baby Lilou. We chatted, snacked, crafted and played with the babies. A perfect morning! Once the guys returned, Delphine cooked up a delicious lunch of fish and potato cakes made from the grayling they had caught this summer.

Halt! Who Goes There? (Quillian)

A gorgeous February day in the Yukon:

Stopping for the mandatory cookie snack break:

Big Boy Toys!

Quillian devouring a cookie!

Hunter looking very determined to drive the skidoo by himself!

There is nothing like spending time with good friends to liven up winter!


Breigh said...

Ooooh the views in those photos. I think I need to paint a mountain view on the window of my flat. This is the flattest country on the planet!

Bryan and Vikki said...

the outdoors and all that it brings is good for the spirit....if you take young ones out in the wilderness at a young age they will always return to it at some time.