Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Getting Back To Normal

Our boys finally seem to be over our bout with the plague.  Two months of them alternating being sick has exhausted us!

Finally last night Cavan had a great sleep.  Down at the usual time of 7:30pm, woke up twice during the night, and then up for the day at 6am.  Beautiful!  AND he had a two hour nap this afternoon in his own room!!  This kid never naps for that long.  He prefers two twenty minutes naps during the day, and never in his own room.  I have my fingers crossed that tonight will be even better!

Hunter is going down before 8pm, however wakes up concerned about either tigers or monsters by midnights and crawls into our bed.  We had him out of this habit a while back, but with us being so tired, we gave up for the last while and just let him sleep the rest of the night with us.  Last night though he kept fussing and fidgeting in our bed.  Then at 4am, he stood up in our bed and started screaming that he wanted pancakes!  Seriously, he was screaming at the top of his lungs for pancakes.  I sent Matt to the kitchen because I actually had a leftover pancake from breakfast.  He came back with that and a sippy cup of milk.  Hunter then refused the pancake he has insisted on, cuddled up with the sippy cup and fell asleep without even taking a sip.  My kid is so odd.

The boys are so happy when they aren't sick!  Destructive.... but happy.  Hunter spent the day emptying out my cupboards and making me cake. The cake usually consisted of cans of tuna or tomato paste in a bowl and was baked in the cupboard next to the oven.  He tried putting it in the real oven, and we had to have a little talk about that!

Cavan spent the day stealing the cans away from Hunter and trying to throw them through the baby gate and down the stairs.  I hope my poor tile stairs survive these boys.

I have my fingers crossed that we stay plague free for a long time!


Fawn said...

Ahahahaha! One of Halia's favourite games right now is throwing stuff down the stairs! I don't remember Jade doing this -- it's hilarious! Also annoying and possibly dangerous. But hilarious! Glad we have carpeted stairs!

Good luck with Cavan. Halia slept through the night on Monday (for the second time in her life) but last night was HORRIBLE. *sigh* I think I'm off to bed soon.

(And guess what? My word verification is "caning". Ha!!!)

niki said...

Hey Kara!
It is so nice to hear that other mothers are dealing with the same insanity as I am. Boys are such a handful!