Sunday, August 9, 2009

Last of the Vacation Pictures

I had misplaced the cord for our other camera when we arrived home from our trip. Today Matt finally located it in the camper! Hurray!

Here are the last of our pictures from our trip down south.

We ht the campground in Watson Lake and the temperature was over 30. Yuck! So we whipped out the screen tent, turned Hunters new sand box into a wading pool, and broke out the drinks. Absolutely wonderful! Here is my happy husband:

Look at this pose! Just like Daddy!

Matt cooling down his beer:

The boy is getting so big!

Our little boy has turned into a tank! He is now over 16lbs- no wonder, look at that tummy!

Cool dude, Hunter in the camper:

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Morena said...

Your kids are cute. But big! Oliver is 7 1/2 months and he's only 16lbs 4oz. He's a runt though, and I don't know why. We're not small people and he was 8-2 at birth.