Sunday, August 2, 2009

Get back to bed, Hunter!

Up until the end of May, Hunter was a dream to put to sleep at night. He and Matt would snuggle together on the rocking chair in his room while Hunter drank his milk and Matt sang him some songs. Then Hunter would be dumped into his crib, Matt would walk away, and Hunter would fall asleep. No fuss.

Well after a month in a new place, having two colds and a flu, he was all out of sorts. He spent a lot of time in our bed (which I really, really dislike!). Then when we returned home he wanted us to sit in his room until he fell asleep. He didn't want to be held, just wanted us to be near. Gradually the time it was taking for him to fall asleep was getting longer and longer. Some nights it was over an hour of one of us (usually Matt since he is in charge of bedtime for Hunter) sitting in there.

We decided we had had enough and it was time to get bedtime back in order. So our first night back from vacation we started "Operation: Get Back to Bed!"

The new routine consists of still getting cuddles in the rocking chair while having milk. Three songs are sung (usually the kittens that lost their mittens x3), and then he is dumped in his bed and that is it! Anytime he gets out of bed he is returned and told night-night.

Of course the first night he kept running out of his room yelling for us, begging to play or to sleep in our bed. After 45 minutes and over 60 returns to his bed he finally crashed.

The next night I was on my own since Matt was helping our friends move stuff to town. It went great! Only two returns to his bed. I could hear him fussing a bit, but no big deal. About a half hour later I peeked in his room and see a pile of blankets- good... no movement! I go into my room to fold laundry and low and behold there is a little boy sleeping there!! The little bugger had skuttled across the hallway with his own pillow, got into our bed, and fell asleep on a towel since there were no sheets on our bed. I laughed so hard, and then returned him to his own bed where he only fussed for a minute... but then a neighbour rang our doorbell at 11:30pm. Woke him right up! Nothing wakes that kid up other than the doorbell. I think we are going to cut the wires. He was awake until 2am and we caved and took him to bed with us. Bad parents. Bad.

Third night was a right-off. Lots of people in the house, noise, etc. So Matt sat in there until he fell asleep. Arrgggg!!

Tonight, back to the grind! Hunter only had to be brought back to bed four times and was asleep within half an hour of the first drop in his bed. I think I feel success on the horizon! I honestly thought it was going to be a week of hell, but it is working out quite well. Our friends that we helped moved to town are now living in a house across the street until it is safe to go back to their place. So, hopefully Hunter settles into his routine quickly.


Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Good on you for sticking with it. That is what we do with our guys. It should be interesting when we get home, as Joey and I have been sharing a bed for the entire vacation.

Aida said...

little buggers eh..give them an arm, they want a

i think it must be a 2 years old thing. Ava was like that for the longest time. She was scared of the dark a bit and a night light helped her. it took us many months to stop sitting by the door when she goes to bed but she finally did it. Thankfully Ben was like this for only a few months, but then again he is not 2 yet..yikes!

Melissa said...

I'm sure you love your neighbours.. but did ya kick him?? LOL!!

I've already told Frank that we are disconnecting the doorbell once the baby is born. Ours goes non stop until about 9pm. Quite annoying!

Corrienne said...

there is nothing worse than that darn thing they call a door bell.... you would think that most.. and i repeat most people have kids and they have all had that someone come later at night and ring that door bell and yes... thanks know i have to get my kid back to bed, i always make sure that they know i am not impressed and maybe they would take that hint and go with it.... ps.... it takes alot of restless night but little Hunter will get the hang of it... YA Supper Nanny!!

AverageMom said...

Hey Kara,
It's horrible when they figure out how to stay awake, isn't it?!
Where in NS is Matt from? I'm originally from Hubbards. I haven't been there in years, but it is still home.
Hope you get to sleep tonight!