Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Gazillion Pictures from Home

We spent just over two weeks at my parents house on our vacation and it was splendid! There was a family reunion (pics of that to come later) and then fun time with my brother's family and us. My parents place is more like a resort than anything else. We were all supposed to go camping back up here in the Yukon, but my father's vacation time was canceled. Probably a good thing considering all of the fires in the area we were to head into.

Hunter spent a lot of time getting to know his cousin who is just seven months older. Cavan got gnawed on by his cousin that is two months older. Grandma and Poppa Hunter spoiled all of their grandsons rotten. Fun was had by all!

Excited to get into the pool:

Learning how to drive the gator:

Hunter and Grandma taking the RZR out for a spin:

Hunter and his Grandma Hunter:

Hunter driving the RZR with Grandma and Damon along for the ride:

Matt getting some much deserved relaxation time in:

My sister-in-law will kill me for posting this picture!! ahahahahha but it was too funny, I just had to do it! She tried so hard to get this kite up.... no success!

Damon showing Hunter how to drive the Gator:

Mud bogging in the Gator!

Quality time with Cavan:

Tired in the truck:

Our previous neighbours from Kugluktuk now live outside of Edmonton. They drove to come and see us! Well not us... the kids!

My highschool friend, Freya, and her beautiful daughter came out to visit us too.

My favorite blog stalker, Alyssa, sitting with Cavan. Please come visit us up here!!

One day we took all of the kids in to the local museum. The boys loved the farm equipment:

Hunter at school!

Oh these two would have been trouble back then in a one room school house!

Hunter just had to sit in this old truck:

Poppa Hunter with Damon and Hunter:

After a busy day we left the boys watching a movie while we visited with neighbours in the kitchen:

15 minutes later they were done for!!

As soon as these two woke up each morning they were running around the property each with their John Deere dump truck. Their poppa was so proud!

Look at these two! Kyler is two months older than Cavan, but I think my little tank is going to outgrow him quickly!

My new nephew is the happiest kid on the planet!

Hunter and Damon having a little picnic:

Very happy grandparents!!

I cropped this picture of Damon out of one of the family pictures we took. I love his look!! What a little wild-man:

My happy little boy:

Hunter wearing the captains hat his Poppa gave him:

Hunter relaxing with his Poppa:


deiss said...

It looks like you had an amazing time, my friend. I'm so glad you got a chance to get down for a visit. Next time, swing my way, eh?

Sister-IN-law said...

your dead!!! lol im kidding