Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fire Pictures

Here are some shots of the fires along Little Salmon Lake here in the Yukon from our drive home on Thursday. At some spots we could see the flames licking up to the tops of trees across the lake. I never was able to get a shot of that though.

Getting smokey:

This is looking across the lake!! Look hard, you can see the lake and the hills behind where the fire is burning:

Good-bye sun!

And now our truck smells like puke, febreeze, flowery pine tree air freshener and smoke.

Look at the haze!!

Look at this temperature!

And here it is in Faro. Normally you could see some buildings from this view, but now just smoke:


dogsled_stacie said...

wow, thanks for sharing pics, you can't tell how bad it is from here! Even though it was pretty smoky in town today. Hope it stops soon!

LOVE the description of the smell of your truck, hahaha!

Morena said...

33 degrees!! Wow, that haze is pretty impressive too.