Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hay River Pictures

We took a rather long detour on our vacation so we could visit some great friends. Right after we were married we moved to Hay River in the NWT. We loved our time there and we have missed our friends from there so much!

Since we left, all our friends have done is reproduce!! Here is Cavan having some beers with his new buddy!

Hunter insisted of having his picture taken too!

Learning about lobsters!

My wonderful friend Sherry and I:

I really want to have some play time with the boys on the beaches of the Great Slave Lake, but the bugs were so horrible we barely lasted 10 minutes:

We had to hide Cavan in his tent the whole time:

My mouth is closed to keep the bugs out!

I miss this beach!

Our friends had a wonderful bbq for us while we were there! Look at Hunter all pooped out!

BBQ was made extra special by this amazing cake by Tigger!! I asked for a bug cake and man did she ever deliver!

You could not pry the kids away from the cake! I saw a number of finger holes in the cake!


Thanks Tigger!

Wonderful friends!! (We missed you Christine!!)

We even got a chance to check out the new pool in Hay River. It was hard to convince Hunter to leave.

Good luck trying to get four kids to smile for the camera!

My friend Lori giving Cavan some cuddles:

I still have to get ahold of a friend to see if she took any pictures of Matt on his night out! He got to go for his favorite: wings and beer at the local pub. Boy, that made him happy.

I cried when we pulled out of Hay River. We have so many good memories from there and if the housing wasn't so expensive, we probably would have moved back there when we left Nunavut. Thanks everyone for making it such a wonderful trip!

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Christine said...

Ah, I missed you guys too! I thought about you the day of the BBQ, I am glad Taylor was able to make an appearance in my place though. Next time we will defintly make sure we are home!