Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Beauty of Canola

I love returning home when the canola is in bloom! It makes me miss living in the area so much. The smell of it in the morning is so fresh... I don't really know how to explain it, other than it smells like home to me.

Look at this view! This is about 10km south of Dawson Creek, 40km north of my parents home:

Farmer Boy!

Farmer Baby!


Morena said...

I love Canola. I used to live in Edmonton and I always thought it was soooo pretty. Unfortunately my allergies loved it too.

Lauras Garden said...

My first experience with canola was in Portage la Prairie. I'm with Morena - it makes me sick when it's blooming.

Gen said...

Love the photos of the kids, Kara!

Shoot, I didn't know you could be allergic to canola pollen...