Saturday, September 27, 2008

I am such a wuss.

I am still afraid of the zombies.

So much so, that I won't go downstairs after it is dark out. There is a light on down there that I should really go down and turn out, but I just can't do it.

I leave the foyer and kitchen light on at night.

My cats like to creep me out by staring down the stairs intently, and then run away as fast as they can.

I used to like the dark.

I hate it when my husband is gone.


Aida said...

i am the same..haha and I hate it when Frank goes away..Its getting better since I do my sewing late at night downstairs sometimes till 2am. But when I switched off the lights, I speed silly i know.

deiss said...

You should come and stay here while Matt is gone.

jen said...

Me three, I can totally walk around in the dark no problem, except when Nathan is gone. Then I start to hear noises I know aren't there. My hope is that Tallinn could take on a zombie if ever needed lol. Maybe you should get a zombie killing fido too. If anything he makes me feel safe from any kind of human danger. Aren't pets wonderful though you can talk to something other then yourself, this way you don't feel crazy!

cuz Heather said...

Kara, don't feel bad about the dark. I am almost 50 and still leave a light on at night! When my little dog growls in the night I just about pee myself. You are such a sweetie like your mom.

Heather (aka Mum) said...

When Sean goes away...any outdoor chores have to be done before dark & once the sun is gone...I"M IN THE CABIN FOR KEEPS...I won't even look out windows...the shadows freek me out!! Darn shadows!!

I will say though...when he was hunting receintly, the dogs started to go nutz at 1:30 a.m. & I HAD to go outside...with my bear spray unlocked & in hand...I went out to check out what was upsetting them...I was SO proud of myself...(could have KILLED the dogs though!!) & guess what?? NO ZOMBIES !!