Tuesday, September 30, 2014

See ya later, snow!

The boys were so excited to see the snow fly today that they asked if we really have to leave tomorrow to head to Nova Scotia.  I am pretty sure their Grandparents would lose their minds if we didn't show up.  So see ya later, snow!  We are off for a three week adventure to Nova Scotia.

We haven't been out to Cape Breton in three years and Matt's folks are missing their grandkids something fierce.  This trip will be a good once since we can easily ditch the boys with their Nan and Pops and we can get some adult time. 

I am sure the three weeks will go by much too quickly and we have a lot of fun plans in the works.

We have a weekend planned with friends up at our property (where Matt's folks have built a great little house that we get to use), meeting a blogger friend who is from Cape Breton but lives in the Netherlands with her husband, museum visits, movie theatre trips, park visits (the boys remember chasing ducks the last time we were there and they think they can catch one this time), and a trip down to Lunenburg to see great friends of ours who moved back to Nova Scotia after five years in the Yukon.

And exciting things will be happening in our house while we are away.  We have demolished our kitchen and a local contractor is busy custom building new cabinets.  I will be getting an entirely new kitchen!  A wall is being taken out, appliances all moved about, new paint- the works!!  I cannot wait to come home to a brand new kitchen.

So have a lovely October, everyone!  See ya soon, Nova Scotia!

Demolition experts! 

It isn't a Went Family Activity until someone bleeds.  Matt got 3 stitches!

New kitchen coming soon!

Well hello, winter!


Tara said...

Have a great trip!

Sarah L said...

I can't wait to see pics and read all about your CB adventure!

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