Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Quadding on the Dena Cho

We took the boys on a great quadding trip a couple of weekends ago.  There is a trail that connects Faro and Ross River called the Dena Cho Trail.  To go the entire trail is nearly 70km, but we only went in just over 30km.  The trail is not in the best condition.  It has been largely neglected other than a few locals who take time to clear it out on their own time.  But the views on this trail make it completely worth the trouble of hauling along a chain saw.

The weather was perfect for the weekend and it was great to explore a trail we have never been down.  There are warming cabins along the trail and we slept in a different one each of our two nights out.  Cramped quarters, but perfect for just the four of us.

We spent a lot of time clearing the trail, tidying up the cabins, clearing the area around the cabins, and splitting and stacking wood.  So the first 30km and the first two cabins are ready to go!  There was a great high bush cranberry patch at the second cabin that I happily pillaged.  The boys ran wild all weekend with sticks and rocks and their imaginations. 

Matt and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary while we were out there.  Pretty great way to celebrate!  I even managed to get a bottle of beer out there without it breaking to surprise him.  

The boys are already asking when we can head down the trail again.

Matt and his assistants.

Huge cottonwood we had to cut through.

Forced to sit nice by their mama.

One of the warming cabins.

Inside.  Wood stove and table.

Benches.  Plexi windows that open.

Snug in their sleeping bags for the night.

Very sketchy bridge.

The views!

Happy to be out exploring.

The Went family on the banks of the Pelly River.

Always fun when there are rocks and water.

Washed out bridge at the second cabin.

Me and my guys.

So stunning!


Tara said...

Beautiful photos, Kara. I'm gonna have to get to Faro one of these days! Happy anniversary!

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Tara we have a guest room that is always hoping for company! :)