Monday, September 22, 2014

Entertaining Painting

Cavan loves to paint and when we were digging through a bag of goodies that were given out last spring at the school, he found a tray of water paints (well, not sure what you call them- the ones that are dry and you dip your brush in water and wet them).  He has been going through paper like a lunatic and the paint tray is nearly empty as well.

I wouldn't say we have much talent in this department, but we definitely have fun.  All of our creations are always taped up around the house for everyone admire/giggle at. 

Here are our creations from this afternoon:

Today's creations.

I asked Cavan which two paintings he was most proud of and these were his choices:
A monster with a shark head.

A dirtbike.
Cavan asked me to paint a cat in a tree.  Yeah....  I guess it is a cat?  ahaah

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