Thursday, September 4, 2014

Garden: The End

Yesterday the kids and I pulled up the garden and put everything away.  We had a fantastic summer of growing even with our crappy weather.  Having that greenhouse built (I love you husband!!) really made my summer fun.  I am already planning for what I want to grow in there next spring.

I have two tables set up in the house now with tomatoes, peppers, and squash still growing.  Heating the greenhouse wasn't very cost effective and I have the space with great lighting in my dining room. 

I did well with the haul of veggies this year.  We dug up 75lbs of spuds and had probably already eaten 20lbs this summer.  Carrots were kinda sad.... maybe 5lbs in the bucket?  We ate them for the last month too, but this year was nothing like last year!  My fridge is full of cucumbers for us to eat and pickles have been made.  My freezer has about 20 cups of homemade pasta sauce from my tomatoes and I am hoping the rest ripen up here in the house so I can stash away a bit more.  The peppers are really producing now and the few squash I have I am hoping to actually be able to eat them in a few weeks!


This mama knows how to make her kids work!

Lots of potatoes!

Sad amount of carrots!

Empty until next season.

So bare!


Tara said...

Kara, that is amazing! I am in awe of your garden. How big is your greenhouse? And how many square feet do you figure you've got in the beds? Good job you guys!

-N- said...

Your carrots look wonderful, way better than mine ever looked when I used to garden in Ottawa. I wonder why your yield was lower than you were expecting, because the carrots you did get look like happy carrots.