Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Birthday Surprises

This fall my family was able to pull a good one on my dad.  His actual birthday was back in June and it was his 65th.  It came and went with little fan-fare.  That is because we had planned a big surprise party for him for this fall to catch him completely unaware. 

I flew down to northern BC and seeing his face when I walked into his newly built shop/nearly-a-second-house was stellar.  Then more and more people started showing up and what a party it turned out to be.  There were quads, and guns, and a pig roast, and a hell of a lot of good times had by all.

And a fun time for me since I got to leave the husband and kids behind, fly by myself, enjoy an unscheduled  layover in Calgary where I got to see friends I have seen in seven years, and get some quality time in with my three nephews. 

Then I came home and we celebrated my birthday a day early since my husband had to head to Whitehorse for a course.  I didn't realize we were celebrating early until we were a ways down a quad trail with the boys and he pulled a new gun out of the old gun case and handed it to me!  Wooooo!   I have wanted a lever action .22 for a long time (just like the one I used to use a kid but my mother refuses to let me have it now- mum you are mean).   The boys knew about it and had kept it all a secret.  Pretty fantastic surprise!  Then I was spoiled the next day by friends with cheesecake and lots of other presents. Maybe turning 35 isn't all that bad after all!

My dad and brother manning the pig roaster.

My brother stuck in the muck!

Birthday cake surprise for my dad!  Funny.... no one took a piece from the bottom right side of the cake.

Cutest nephew ever.

I have the best sister-in-law.
Stuck in the muck on my birthday.  I must have learned this from my brother.

Birthday gun!

Letting the boys try my new gun.


Tara said...

Yeah, happy birthday, Kara!

That is hilarious that no one took a piece of cake from that part of the cake...I think I would hesitate, too! But if it was the only piece of cake left....I would eat it for sure.

Jozien Keijzer said...

Happy Birthday Tara, ha, no matter how good, life only gets better, always :) and thank you for the surprise on my blog. and love to talk to you about the brutally hard days, they for me, haven't disappeared yet, maybe at 60 :)