Friday, October 24, 2014

Awesome Air Canada

I know, normally you would never see the words "awesome" and "Air Canada" together in the same sentence.  Rarely do I ever hear anyone say good words about the airline, but I have to express how enjoyable our travel was with them.

It started with my boys waving madly through the dark Whitehorse morning from our gate through the window to the plane that would take us to Vancouver.  The boys were just really excited to get the trip underway and they could see the pilots in there getting ready.  When we boarded the flight, the pilot came out of the cockpit with a huge grin and told the boys he had seem them waving and invited them in for a tour.  He really went above and beyond explaining the workings of the plane to the boys.

Once seated on that flight, we realized the check-in clerk had given us fantastic seats!  When we had checked in, she had noticed that our seats had been all over the plane (I really wouldn't have minded seating my kids away from us) but she got us all back together.  We ended up with the preferred seating (not business class, but the seating close to that with more leg room) for every flight we had that day. 

The flight attendants on every plane were kind and helpful.  The check-in staff and gate agents all made a point of chatting to our boys.  Our luggage arrived in Cape Breton and back in the Yukon with no problems.

On one of the flights home, the boys were once again invited into the cockpit by the pilots.  My boys were ecstatic to check it out again and wear the pilot's hat!

Thank you to all of the Air Canada staff for the exceptional service on our trip!  It really made the haul from the Yukon to Cape Breton and back quite pleasant.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! Air Canada IS awesome!

(Welcome back!)

D said...

Wow! My dad, a retired aeronautical engineer, used to love to tour cockpits and chat with pilots, but that opportunity has been closed to him for years. I'm glad to see it's not impossible for everyone!