Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wanna Win Some Mukluks or Baby Booties?

Just over $21 000.

That is how much I need for my reconstructive skin surgery this fall.

Thanks to the extreme generosity of my friends, I now have a special savings account that already has $1150 ready to go towards my surgery!  Seriously, I cannot say it enough, I am blessed with the most amazing friends.

I want to make this fun now.

If you donate $10 or more towards my surgery, your name will be put in for a draw for a pair of mukluks.  If your donation is under $10, then I will put your name in for a pair of baby booties.  To donate, go and click the PayPal donate button over there on the top right hand side of my blog.

Snazzy eh?

Bonus entry for the baby booties- do a random act of kindness and tell me what you did.  Your name will go in the draw whether you donated money to my surgery or not.  Random acts of kindness make me happy.

These are the mukluks up for grabs!  Men's size 10 and over $200 value.  You know you want them.

Sample booties!  Winner will get to pick fur, ribbon and fleece colours.

Draw date will be May 31st for both items.  And then I think I will put something new up to win.

Thank you everyone!


Freya said...

Congrats on all your hard work Kara!! You deserve to look as amazing as you feel!!! :) My random act of kindness was buying some flowers for a friend who's been having a tough couple of weeks. :) Keep up the good work!! XOXO

Kristi-Bisti said...

Hi Kara! How fun is this! Congratulations for taking the big leap!

My random act of kindness has been what I call "compassionate cooking". I have made meals for a number of people - 2 neighbours, a friend who miscarried, a friend who's daughter has had a month of excruciating pain after surgery and a co-worker who's son attempted suicide. This is all in the last 2 weeks!

Thanks for the opportunity to share in your adventure!