Sunday, February 24, 2013

Another perfect Yukon weekend

The weekend was a blast.  Straight up awesome.  Well, most every weekend here is awesome.  So are the week days.  Why?  Because we make them fun.  We don't make our lives busy to the point where we can't enjoy them.  We make time for family.  We make time for friends.  We make time for fun.  Heck, we even make time for facebook and are fine with that.

We baked and decorated lung cakes to help a friend hitting 100 days smoke free!

Zombie stickers were put up.

We played with friends outside every day!

We went on a little skidooing adventure!

Hubby got to have a relaxing weekend off call.

Kids were still kids.  Here is Cavan throwing a nice tantrum while I grin on.



I love Yukon kids.

My rosy-cheeked boy.
And another happy note- I got back to squash and my running program on Saturday with no ill effects from my concussion!  So I am back into my exercise routine after the last week off.


Shari said...

Funniest pic EVER of you grinning while Cavan is clearly having a moment on the skidoo. I actually laughed out loud!

Nita said...

Love that picture of your rosy-cheeked boy! Your entire philosophy of life is spot on, too.

Tina said...

Seriously? Mount my sheep centre? And you make fun of me living in beaver bank. ;)

dogsled_stacie said...

Oh man that Cavan tantrum photo and your face with the biggest smile made me almost pee my pants!!!! BEST MOM EVER!!!!