Saturday, February 9, 2013

Through the plateau!

I had been stuck at the same weight since the end of November.  195lbs.  The first real plateau I have had since my weight loss surgery nearly 16 months ago.

Then it got worse.  I came home from holidays and I was up 9lbs.  I would like to put all of the blame on travel bloat, period bloat, etc but a big part of it was crappy eating on my part during my holiday.  I was eating a lot more sugar and processed carbs while I was gone.  There was no tracking of my calories and I was eating and drinking at the same time.  When I do that, it pushes the food right through my stomach and I can eat more because of it. 

So what did I do? 

I wanted to just eat more; exactly what I would have done in the past.  Wallow in self-pity.

Instead, I found control again. 

We came home on a Saturday and Sunday I started a four day stint of just liquid proteins.  I had protein shakes made with milk, muscle gel (another protein goo stuff), protein pudding, homemade soup high in protein and a heck of a lot of tea.  So no refined sugar and very low amounts of carbohydrates.  Okay, that isn't quite right- I still have a bit of sugar in my tea.  I just can't drop that one.

The next two days I moved into mushy proteins.  So still some protein drinks but then cottage cheese, greek yogurt, tuna, and a bit of pork that I put into my grinder.

That brings me to today.  For the next two days I will be eating soft proteins.  I have stopped grazing; my meals and snacks are at certain times of the day and inbetween there is a lot of tea and water.  I am back to employing my anti-eating tactics of keeping busy through reading, cleaning, and the never ending lego construction! 

And the results?  In the last six days I dropped 9.5lbs.  So I lost the 9lbs I was carrying after our holiday plus another half a pound, bringing me into new territory! The two month plateau is over and I am hoping to hit 189lbs by the end of this month (if not sooner).

I am still going through some withdrawal symptoms from cutting out the sugar and carbs.  Those symptoms combined with a sinus infection I have right now have made me rather miserable for the last week.  But I am on the mend both physically and mentally.  No self-pity here!  Next week I am looking forward to getting back to squash and running. 

Any one else fall off their own wagon lately?  How are you getting back on?

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