Sunday, February 3, 2013

Maui: Our Beach

Most of our days were spent just on the beach in front of our condo.  The beaches are all public, but unlike many other hot destinations, we were not harassed by vendors trying to sell us stuff.  The beach was very clean and quiet where we were.

The kids played in the surf for hours and it was quite shallow.  The waves would give the kids a good beating from time to time though!  And the sand.  Good god the sand.  It got in everything!!

The temperatures were around +24 each day and we had a number of overcast with sprinkles kind of days.  Those days were actually great since we could still play out but not have the fear of sunburns!  One day it went up to +28 and there was no wind;  we all burnt and felt pretty miserable by mid afternoon and spent the rest of the day in the condo hiding from the heat.

Bums (and wankers) full of sand!  They still have sand in their ears now.
You can only save one kid at a time from the waves.  Just gotta sacrifice the other and hope he pops back up!  ahahha

Watching the canoes.

Wave leaping!

Getting some great air!

Heading out for a swim!

Sand.  And more sand.  They looked like this all the time.  Well not the hugging part, but the dirty part!

The only way to keep boys in one spot- bury them!

Every day new sand castles were built and destroyed!

Hunter and I made an impressive one!

Go Cavan!

Warming up!

Tiny crabs were all over the beach.  The boys spent hours chasing them.  Eventually they gave up trying to catch them and were happy with just covering over their hiding holes with sand.

The poor bathtub full of sand!!


Sarah said...

It looks like such a well-deserved fun time!

Johanna said...

Just heard from the Nixon that you had a fantastic time and that you wanna go back :) So happy for you guys

Megan said...

I kind of love that +28 was too hot for you guys! I think you picked the right time of year to go!

I'm glad you guys had such a great time!