Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Poor Noggin!

It looks like I am being forced to slow down.  Not by my choice though!

On Thursday I took a pretty impressive hit to the face with a squash ball.  Now, to be fair, my opponent owed me a hit.  I had hit her in the boob just a few shots prior with my racquet.  Ouch!  I took my own hit with my left cheek bone, just under my eye.  It was an incredibly hard hit and my first though was that I had knocked all of my teeth out!  But I was able to laugh it off and finished the game, you know, cause I am tough like that.

Later that night though, I started to become extremely dizzy and nauseous.  I went to bed feeling like I had just drank two bottles of wine.  Friday I wasn't much better.  Loud noises hurt my head, if I moved to fast I would get dizzy, and I just wasn't able to function well!  Late afternoon I had to call my husband home from work because I was just too woozy to deal with the kids.

Saturday morning though I woke up feeling right back to my normal self!  I went down to the gym at noon to have a workout and oh did it ever suck.  The workout was hard and after maybe 20 minutes I was back to being dizzy and feeling like I was going to yak while doing the deadlift.  Not fun!  I headed for home, but not until after I yakked in the snow in the parking lot.  Good times.  The rest of the day I spent on the sofa.

Matt has now put me on veg-mode for the next week and says I have a mild concussion.  No strenuous exercise allowed!  So no squash, running or weights.  Blah.  I am going to try and get a long walk in every day though so I don't go completely nuts.  Hopefully by next weekend I can give it a try again with better results.

Who would have though one hit to the face from a squash ball could do this?  Not me!

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Erica said...

Glenda is still feeling the effects of taking a shot to the head in floor hockey, and that was, like, a year ago, I think. On the plus side, it appears to have improved her eyesight, so keep your fingers crossed for super-eyes.

Take it easy, though ^_^