Monday, September 17, 2012

Filling the Freezer

With Matt still hobbling around (sans crutches now though) on his broken foot, I didn't hold out much hope of us filling our freezer with meat this year on our own.  But luckily, there is now over 200lbs of boneless meat all cut up and taking up space in our humungous freezers.

There is an outfitting company (MacMillian River Adventures) that operates near Faro.  Most of the hunters don't take the meat and it is all donated to those who want it in Faro.  We have never taken meat from them before as we have always shot our own, but numerous people in Faro sign up to receive meat each year.

Saturday we got a call to head down to the float plane dock to pick it up.  We got a large haul of both moose and caribou.  I had to butcher it the very next day since we are getting some summer-like weather right now.  After a couple phone calls, I had enlisted a couple of friends to help me out for the day and I got to work.  I started at 8:30am and finished up just after 5pm.  Without help, I would have been there until after midnight for sure!

When done this is what I put into the freezer:
Caribou: 7 packs of steak, 4 roasts, backstraps, and 20 packages of burger
Moose: 34 packs of burger, 8 roasts, 14 packs of steaks and 45lbs of ground meat for sausage

Hurray!  My freezers aren't bare anymore!  We will be in town later this month and I will pick up the supplies I need for making sausages.

Here are the pictures from the day:

My butcher shop (complete with tunes from the computer) is all set up!

The pile of meat I had to work with.


Our friend Erica helped out.  Three years ago she moved to the Yukon and looked horrified when she walked in on me butchering a moose.  She has progressed from writing on the packages, to operating the grinder, to this year wielding a knife and cutting up the meat!  Go Erica!

Of course the boys are always alongside to help!

Heavy piece of moose!

My other very willing assistant!

And just a comparison shot.  There I am on the left last year in September butchering moose meat.  On the right 112lbs smaller!


Karyn said...

I have been silently reading your blog for a while now, but have to speak up and say that you look absolutely great! Congratulations on your success! I hope others are inspired by you.

Trish said...

I love the before and after picture at the bottom. How heavy was that piece of meat you were holding, was it close to 112lbs?, cause then you may actually weigh the same in both pictures. Huge difference is that you don't have to carry that hunk of meat with you everywhere you go! So proud of you Kara, Hugs!

Tara said...

So glad you were still able to fill the freezer!

We got our meat out of a similar situation. I just can't believe people hunt and don't want the meat. Trophy hunters, sheesh!

Way Way Up said...

The one photo looks like you're carrying a dead body in a

Lots of great meals (of moose meat I mean) over the long winter though I'm sure.