Thursday, September 20, 2012

11 Months Post-Surgery

It has been 11 months since my bariatric surgery and it is hard to believe that I am nearing the one year mark.

So what is new?  Not too much since last month.  I have lost another 5.5lbs since the 10 month mark.  My total is now 112.5lbs gone and I weigh 206.5lbs.

My goal when I started was to lose 150lbs and that is definitely within reach and probably within six or seven months.  I am now wearing extra-large to large size shirts and have moved into size 16 pants.  I can see bones and tendons in my hands and feet where before it was just pudge.  I can feel bones in my shoulders and my legs look longer.  Pretty awesome.

The not so awesome?  The batwings.  I swear I can fly.  The stomach flap.... oh how I hate it.  The weight is now starting to go from my thighs and in another few months I am totally going to be the Saggy Baggy Elephant.  And my boobs.  Oh should I say my pancakes.  But winter is coming, so I can hide that all under clothes and push up bras!

I am feeling pretty damn happy about how far I have come.  I like how my body is shaped and I think I am looking pretty good.  But I live in sweats and t-shirts.  My size is changing so fast; I go for clothing that is cheap and will live through a few size changes.  But there are days that I just want to look nice.  Next year, right?  I just keep telling myself not to waste my money on nice clothing right now.  When I get down to my goal weight I will just have to do a big spending spree/make over and get myself looking snazzy.  And snazzy for me is still an outfit that can be worn with rubber boots.  I am classy like that.

October should be the month where I break out of the two hundred's.  You know, I haven't been under 200 in probably 18 years.  Sad since I am just 33.  And I still have no concept of my new body size.  In my head I am still that woman who is well over 300 pounds.  I am still scared to sit in chairs even though I probably wouldn't break them now at this point.  I still feel like everyone is looking at me because I am the biggest person in the room, when I am not anymore.  I wonder if my brain will ever adjust?

And I know I say it every time I post about my surgery, but I really have to thank so many of the residents of Faro.  This community has been so supportive of me during the last year.  A day doesn't go by where I am not stopped by someone telling me how great of a job I am doing.  Those comments really keep going.  I have no clue how people get through this surgery without telling anyone (and it is very common!).  There is no way I could have kept this to myself and I am thankful everyday that I put myself and my experience out there.

So what can you look forward to next month in my update?  Well hopefully me being under 200 pounds.  And I am psyching myself up to show some real pictures of myself.  Real, as in not much clothing so people can see what it is really like when you lose this much weight.  Hopefully I have the guts enough to do it next month!  And hopefully I don't scare any readers away with the pictures!

And fully clothed pictures for you this month!

Here I am the night before my 33rd birthday.  A friend and I went berry picking and fishing.  I picked half a gallon of highbush cranberries and caught a little grayling.  Perfect pre-birthday evening for me.

I tried on my snowpants from last year!  Definitely need a new pair.  But check out how nice my boobies look in my new underwire bra I bought in Whitehorse!  Totally cannot tell they are pancakes in that over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder!


Nancy said...

You're looking fantastic! I wonder how tall you are? You are already looking very slim. It must be exciting to be so close to breaking the 200 lb mark!

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Thank you, Nancy!

I am just 5'5. And it sure is exciting to be this close to 200!

Gen said...

Hey beautiful, you look fabulous! Congrats!
ps. I think of you everytime I see highbush cranberries :)

Fawn said...

I truly wouldn't guess that you're still over 200 lbs, Kara. You look great! And moms all have pancake boobs, since we've all had them inflated and deflated again. It's aaaallll about the right bra.

jen said...

Ditto what Fawn said, all mommies have the pancakes, you just roll them up into a fine bra. You should come down and visit me and I will take you shopping! :) Looking goooood btw!

Morena said...

You definitly look like you weigh less than 200 already. You are so amazing! And the boobs... I've said before that a good bra can change your life. I wasn't kidding as you can see :)

Anonymous said...

Looking just AWESOME Kara :) You have come so far and done an amazing job!!!!!!!

Sharon Kingston