Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Boys and Guns

My parents taught both my brother and I how to shoot at a young age.  We were taught the parts to the guns, safety and maintenance.  And then we took off into the bush like the Lost Boys off of "Peter Pan" to terrorize the local squirrel and grouse populations.  It was a pretty awesome childhood.  We started with bb guns at age 6, but very quickly moved on to the .22's by age 8 or 9.

Matt started off later in life around age 10 using a bb gun and then a 410 shotgun.

And now it is time to share one of our favorite past-times with our boys!

My father bought them a Chipmunk .22 back when I was still pregnant with Hunter!  He was just a wee bit excited to become a grandpa.  We finally brought it out of the box tonight and headed out to the range.

The boys loved every minute of our excursion!

We were shooting at a paint can and Hunter was so proud when he hit it!
My wee gun slinger!


Carole said...

It is obvious by the way the boys are handling their rifles that you taught them gun safety.
How I wish my father had taught me how to hunt (and fish). I commend you and Matt.

Mama said...

this is awesome, we did the same thing this weekend letting our 4 year old try out his first .22 and hunt for grouse.