Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Apology Note from a Four Year Old

Hunter has been pushing his boundaries at school the same as he has been at home.  All normal kid stuff.  But yesterday he especially caused his teachers some grief.  So on the walk home we decided that an apology note would be a nice thing to do. 

When we got home he told me what he wanted the note to say and I wrote it out in dots so he could write over it.  So here is what he is taking to school today:

Apology Notes
Drawings on the back
And the reason for the apology?  Well the pictures on the back of the notes help...  The first picture shows Hunter stacking blocks.  A much better option than throwing them around the room!  And the second drawing shows Hunter with scissors in one hand and a piece of paper in the other demonstrating the proper way to use scissors.  Definitely a better option than threatening to cut a classmates hair with scissors!


Tina said...

Ahahaha. That is awesome. Sounds familiar. :)

Anonymous said...

As a teacher I love to get notes like this. I have a whole box of them and treasure them. Way to go Hunter for wanting to fix the mistake, and all that any of us can do is try to better tomorrow.
Mrs Townie Bastard

Morena said...

Tina.. that's right. I was thinking as I read this that I saw that before somewhere. I'm definitly going to do this with my kids when the time comes. Great job Hunter!

And I can't help but chuckly at the Mrs. Townie Bastard signature :)