Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Calvin.... errr I mean Cavan!

Thank you Letia for sending me this comic strip!  Nothing could have come closer to the truth for describing my afternoon yesterday.

Hunter and Cavan were in the backyard playing and I went inside to make an important phone call.  While on the phone I hear this really odd bang. And then again.  I though the boys might be kicking our tidy tank that we use to fill up the truck, but as I peeked over the side of the deck they weren't there.

I ran through the house and burst out onto the front stairs just in time to see Cavan pick up and throw a rather large rock at the side of our truck!  He was reaching for another rock as I was yelling for him to stop at the top of my lungs and hanging up on the poor woman I was talking to.  I dashed out there in my sock feet and asked him what the heck he was doing!  The kid just looked up at me confused as to why this was an issue.

I dragged him into the house and shut him in his room.  I was too shocked to do much of anything!

So last week was Hunter and the toothpaste incident and this week Cavan and rocks.  I am thinking the grey hairs will be starting any time now!

1 comment:

Elaina said...

Your kids definitely keep you on your toes.
You're lucky you don't have any grey hairs yet. My kids aren't as nutty as yours and I already have white hair. :) I'm sure when my kids are the ages of your kids, I'll be completely white!