Friday, June 3, 2011

Thanks All

Thank you everyone for the messages on my last post. Between the messages left here, sent to my email and on facebook, I am feel ready to take on the world again. I am so appreciative of all the kind words.

So moving on!

I have the camper pretty much packed for our first outing of the summer. It is a combined camping/shopping trip to Whitehorse. I wanted to be out in the bush camping, but we really needed to head into town to buy mainly lumber for our backyard projects. The weekend should be rather entertaining! We are actually going to camp in our friends yard in Carmacks on the way in. Then on Saturday we have to get new tires on our trailer, buy lumber, buy some other odds and ends and then we are hoping to hit up the Copperbelt Railway and maybe the Transportation Museum. I have no clue where we will be Saturday night. If I left it up to my husband we would be camping in the Walmart parking lot, but I am hoping for Wolf Creek campground or maybe out to Twin Lakes. Who knows! Then we will come home on Sunday afternoon.

I hope everyone else enjoys their weekend, even if the weather looks to be a little less than the perfect summer weather we have been having so far.

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jackie irvine said...

Dear Kara;
Just read your former post and I have to say I admire you for your honesty and courage to just be real and say what is really happening with you. After reading all the comments I think it obvious to see the benefits - so much great feedback.
I wanted to share with you that I also struggle with anxiety (depression too). Recently I have been delving in meditation as a way to deal with stress. I watched a youtube 6-part stress-reduction and meditation by Jon Kabut-Zinn - it is worth watching.I used to laugh about the meditation thing but it really works- it helps to have a calm centre no matter what is going on in our lives and I have found it is really making a difference for me.
Keep writing Kara