Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kids say the darnedest things....

It has been an entertaining few days thanks to the boys. They have come out with some interesting comments that I have to share.

Hunter: "Mommy I don't love you anymore."
Me: "Okay Hunter."
Hunter: "Mommy, I want you to leave our house."
Me: "Okay Hunter. And where should I go?"
Hunter: "You should leave here and go live in Carmacks!"

Matt to Cavan as he sees him walking around the house with a container of dental floss: "Whatcha got there, Cavan?"
Cavan: "It's for mummy's bum!"

Hunter to Matt while watching Bambi for the first time: "Dad, did a hunter shoot the mommy deer?"
Matt: "Yes Hunter, the hunter shot the mommy deer."
Hunter: "Did they eat her because she was so delicious?"

And this last one is the best:

Mom, while holding the door closed from the outside of Hunter's bedroom while he is having a time-out for throwing a rather impressive tantrum before bedtime: "Hunter, get in your bed!"
Hunter, whilst wiggling the doorknob attempting to escape his time out: "Why won't this fucking door open!"

I am thinking I might get a few calls from the school next year when Hunter starts attending!


Anonymous said...

You guys could really do a reality show - it would be a hit!

jen said...

Ok the last one is not good persay, but I would probably have a hard time not peeing myself laughing. I better stop using "that" word lol, it's coming for me too!

Morena said...

I'd like to know what you do with dental floss in your house that makes Cavan think it would be good for your bum....

Sharilee said...

Ha Ha! That is hilarious! I think you will get some calls, too! From what my friend, with a very "boyish" little boy told me, "boys are different than girls." They're more graphic! And that has to be genetic, because no one could teach them that stuff! Great post!