Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lord of the Flies: Yukon Chapter

Cavan is two years and two months old. He is fearless. Reckless. Wild. A perfect kid for the north.

We went out to a lake that is just ten minutes outside of Faro where he decided that pantless playing in the water was on the agenda. It was cold out! I am pretty sure he has antifreeze instead of blood coursing through his veins.

The photos that my friend took of him made me think of one of my favorite novels, Lord of the Flies. He even has a spear in hand.

Look ma, no pants!

Here fishy, fishy, fishy!

He went nearly waist deep and I think would have gone deeper if I didn't yell at him.


Roberta said...

Fearless, yes. Absolutely priceless!!

Morena said...

I love that he's like that. O would never go in if it was cold out.