Friday, June 10, 2011

Just another one of those great days

Today was just another one of those great days.

Part of the 20lbs of moose meat I cut up to put in brine. Tomorrow I will be making jerky:

We went to the pool in the morning for an hour. Cavan has taken off just like his big brother. Today he told me, "No touch me, Mom. Me swimmin!" And he was, with the help of the water wings. He bobbed around the pool, kicking his legs and flailing his arms. I am pretty sure he gulped a couple of gallons of pool water as well.

Hunter's Kindergarten teacher dropped off a gift pack which included a pair of scissors! That entertained him for nearly an hour.

After the pool we had company over for lunch. Hunter and Cavan played with their friends while their mother and I attempted to keep our toes intact during the tricycle rally.

Little brother enjoyed scissor time too. Here is that tongue of concentration hard at work:

I had an extra kid for the afternoon while her mother was at work. We played inside. We played outside. We had a great time as usual.

Chicken breasts were in brine most of the day and then smoked for three hours to make an absolutely delicious supper:

Cavan napping with the essentials: Marno the Martin, dinky cars, blanket, and ketchup and cat hair stuck to his face.

While Cavan took a late afternoon nap, Hunter and I hung out in the sewing lair. Hunter was finally introduced to the bins of loose buttons and he was in love. He called himself a pirate and was digging through his buried treasure. He was entertained and I got to craft.

New broach pins! The top two are lynx and the bottom two are wolf:

And now we are just chilling together as a family. The boys are in pj's and cleaning up their toys, Matt is watching the hockey game and I am finally putting my feet up. Just another one of those great days.

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Freya said...

Ayla had a kindergarten thing the other day too, and they also gave her scissors!! She loves them! She cuts everything, her hair, paper, her dolls hair, pretty much anything!! LOL!! And I had to laugh when I saw Cavan's "tongue of concentration" cause I do the same thing!! Except I chew on it. It's something my dad does too! Anyway, it looks like you had a wonderful day!! :)