Friday, November 19, 2010

Winter Walking

We have had very little snow so far this winter and hopefully I didn't just jinx myself there! The trails are perfect for pushing the stroller down and it is easy for the kids to walk. For the last two weeks we have been walking on the trails around our house instead of the roads and even with the cold weather finally arriving, we haven't been deterred. So far the coldest day was -20C and a windchill of -27C and we did a 2.5km walk that day. The boys were happy in their stroller and Hunter even walked 700m of that. I love how much easier it is getting the boys outside this winter as compared to last.

Here are some pictures of our walk on Monday when it was only -18C.

One of the trails we walk almost everyday:

They weren't impressed I was stopped!
He looks so silly with his front teeth poking out!
Happy and warm in his "furry coat" as he calls it:
Bundled-up and snug as bugs in their stroller:

I am looking a little frosty! I get so hot pushing that stroller that I end up taking off my toque and beaver fur mittens.


Fawn said...

You look fabulous! I'll be glad for an inch or two more snow. It's much easier to walk the kids on the trails here when there is enough snow for the sled!

jen said...

Looking good lady! The trail you walk is gorgeous...wish we had snow down here!

Kristi-Bisti said...

That is fabulous! You look amazing with your frosty hair and pink cheeks!

But I, for one, have had enough snow. I'm in Calgary and it has snowed all week. What's worse, is I am a letter carrier and have had to deliver mail for hours on end in it! Oh well, it was bound to come sooner or later! I just hope this makes spring much more bearable that it has been in the last couple of years!

Breigh said...

Wow, look at your face! You must notice the difference in that photo, it looks so thin!!! :)

The boys are adorable, as always.