Friday, November 12, 2010

Today, I enjoyed being a parent.

Matt was on the road heading to Whitehorse by 7am leaving me on my own with the kids for the next three days. Of course I was dreading it. The boys live for lunchtime and 4:30pm when Matt walks through the door. Days feel so long when he isn't home!

But today turned into one of those days where I truly enjoyed being a parent. Yes, that does mean that there are days when I don't- mainly due to frustration and exhaustion.

It doesn't mean that there weren't tears, time-outs and a bit of blood today.

This morning we played in the house until 10am. The boys both had huge appetites and ate everything in sight. At 10am we headed out of the house for a walk with a friend. The weather was warm (only about -3C) and we walked 3km. The boys didn't fight at all and Hunter only put up a small fuss when I made him walk his 0.7km to the stop sign. Next we played at another mom's house and that passed an hour. No fights over eating at lunch, a bit of play time and then naps. Hunter was down for 2 hours. Cavan cried for half an hour and then crashed for an hour.

The afternoon was just as nice. While they napped I worked on some sewing and caught up on some tv online. The boys woke up happy and snack time was followed by playtime outside where we did some sliding, digging in the snow/dirt and rock hauling. We came inside where the kids were entertained by running water in the sink, bowls and cups while I made a delicious squash soup and applesauce french toast for the boys. Erica joined us for supper and playtime afterwards. Cavan crashed by 7:30pm and Hunter helped me load a dozen apples, six pears, two mango's, a coconut, four oranges and four lemons into the dehydrator (the citrus is for some craft projects). Then Hunter and I read some books and then he asked if he could sleep with me since his dad's spot in the bed was empty. How could I turn that down! So he is now snuggled in my bed fast asleep.

A perfect day. The boys didn't fight that much resulting in just a couple of time outs. No clue how the blood happened. When I came to check on the crying, Cavan's lip was bleeding, but he was over it in a couple of minutes. I am pooped from a busy day, but it is a content type of exhaustion.

I need to remember these days to encourage me on those other days!! Hopefully tomorrow goes just as well.


Fawn said...

I love days like this! Especially when you really needed it. :) Hope the next two days are just as perfect.

Morena said...

thanks god for those days. I wish they only came around more. I'm told they will as the kids get older. I'm not wishing time away but I can't wait. Here's hoping you get another day like this one tomorrow!