Monday, November 8, 2010

Making Tracks

Today the boys and I went on our regular walk around town. We have started taking more of the trails since the mud and puddles have been replaced with ice and snow. I was more than ready to get past the mud season and Cavan's addiciton to puddle jumping!

It snowed last night and we were the first people to walk down most of the trails we were on and Hunter was so excited to see rabbit and squirrel tracks. So often he is begging to ride in the stroller after just half a kilometer, but being distracted with tracks he walked about a kilometer and a half today! Cavan, my little walker, just wanted to roll in the snow today so he got strapped into the stroller and was none to happy about it.

Hunter spent the whole walk talking about tracks. Our tracks, animal tracks, train tracks... It was a fun walk and nice to see my kid happily learning about the outdoors. AND I even pushed them in the stroller, in the snow and up the hill to the house! I hate that hill enough in the summer, but in the winter it is even worse. So I am impressed I made it!


Just me said...

Sounds like one of those great days you will remember for a long time to come.

Morena said...

I love the days when you can actually watch them learning. And good for you on the hill!

Jennith said...

That is so cute.... I still love tracks and I'm getting long in the tooth. There is a definite magic to being the first to walk on fresh snow.