Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thanks Leanne

The other week I was having a great catch up with my friend Leanne over the phone when she totally called me out. I was whining that it was windy and cold outside and I didn't want to go outside for my walk. She then mentioned how I whined all summer that it was too hot to walk. Pretty much I was told to suck it up and get my ass outside for my walk. It was exactly what I needed to hear! We are now back into our walking routine and have walked at least every other day since that phone call.

To make sure I get out for a walk, I get Matt to take our truck to work in the mornings instead of his work vehicle. We can get out for our walk and catch a ride home if we are late and that way I don't feel rushed to get the kids off the playground or stop them playing in the bush if they are having fun. Matt just checks the usual spots for us on his way home for lunch.

So Leanne, it is -13 this morning and we will be gearing up to head out for our walk soon! Thanks for the verbal butt kicking!

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Allmycke said...

My dog will get me out for a walk at least three times a day. Sometimes I wish I could farm him out to someone else - but once I get outside I really enjoy it! Witout him, I'd turn into a blimp with no muscle tone in a year...