Friday, November 26, 2010

Self Taught

Lately I have been finding myself wishing I was back at sewing class in Kugluktuk. I love sewing with fur and leather, but there is so much I need to learn and heaps of project ideas stuck in my head. What I need is an elder to look at what I am doing, tsk tsk my mistakes, make me pull it all apart and then show me how to do it right.

I did learn a lot from so many amazing women up north and I have been putting it all to good use over the last three years. But my bin of reject projects is always growing. Take last night for instance.... I was making a gorgeous pair of beaver and smoked elk hide mittens. A pattern I have made about a dozen times. I was at the point where the liners were about to be sewn in when I realized that I had cut the beaver fur for the top of one mitten backwards! So the fur on one mitten was facing the opposite directions of the other mitten. Ack! How did I manage to do that?? Such a silly mistake and of course that was the last of my beaver fur. And for the last week I have been working on making a nice mocassin and finally after some rejects, watching videos on the internet, and looking at heaps of patterns and pictures, I came out with a nice looking one. That was hours of frustration though!

I am proud of myself though when I come out with a nice looking end product all on my own. And even more proud when those items sell!


yukonmusher said...

I hear you, I have Hayens mom, but am more self taught than anything, some how she assumes I know how to do it with out being showen, since we have different time scheduals I end up winging the projects till I am beyond frustrated then go ask.
If you purchase a hair clippers you could always "Shear" the beaver hide ;)
I am proud of my slef to lol. You can always take a pic and I acan look at it or show Haydens mom and we can figure out some things there maybe...?

Erica said...

It may have been hours of frustration, but I think the moccasins are fantastic! I don't want to give them away now ^_^