Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sleep is for the Weak

And I am weak. I WANT SLEEP!

We are not having a good weekend in terms of sleep. Actually, the last six months have been horrible. Here is a run down of how much fun we are having:

  • waking between 3 and 10 times a night
  • will usually not fall asleep for the night unless I boob him
  • prefers to sleep on us than in his own bed
  • hates to nap more than half an hour at a time
  • seems to be having gas/cramps probably related to all the new food he is trying
  • is no longer getting booby in the middle of the night as I am attempting to wean him, so he screams at lot with Matt who gets up with him now
  • if we let him stay in his crib to cry it out, it just wakes up Hunter and then we are dealing with two screaming kids.

  • waking about 3 times a night (or more if Cavan is up screaming)
  • having nightmares where he wakes up screaming requiring a lot of cuddles to get back to sleep
  • walks and talks in his sleep again requiring gentle reminders to go back to sleep
  • we now have a double bed in his room so whichever parent is dealing with him can at least get into bed with him and get some sleep
  • gets upset when I put Cavan down for naps and will run around screaming, "Mr. Wiggles wake up and play with me!!!"
  • will sleep in until 7am if a parent is in bed with him or 5am if he is on his own

When you are sleep deprived as a parent you do things you swore would never happen, such as sleeping in your kids bed! At this point I don't care who sleeps where, just as long as we are sleeping!

Last night sleep deprivation was compounded by a sick baby and Matt getting called in to work. Cavan was coughing so hard he would yak. He was a super duper spewing machine. I had to change my pajama top three times, and bottoms twice. The floors need to be washed today since throwing a dishtowel at the spots in the middle of night does not count as cleaning up.

While Matt was at work (this was some time after midnight and we hadn't slept yet due to Sir Barfs-a-lot) I was trying to get Cavan to sleep. Just as I got him to sleep on me and was ready to transfer him to the crib, Hunter woke up screaming. By the time I got down the hallway (with a wide awake baby now), he was in my bed and upset that I wasn't there! So we all went to Hunter's bed in hopes of sleep. However, Cavan thought it was play time and jumped all over the two of us. Somehow after half an hour Hunter fell asleep and I returned to the living room to rock Cavan to sleep. Again, just as I get the baby to sleep Hunter starts screaming that he has to pee and that he is scared of the dark. Matt came home to the three of us sitting in Hunter's bed, me near tears, Hunter telling Mr. Wiggles to sleep with him, and Cavan having a hoot playing on the bed.

I took Hunter to bed with me and Matt got to deal with Cavan after that. Hunter fell asleep at 4am, but kept insisting in his sleep that he needed to "sleep with me" which meant that he put his head on top of my head!! I slept off and on until we got up for good at 6:30. I could hear Matt up with Cavan at least one more time and then I got him out of his crib at 7:30.

This week Matt has to go to Whitehorse for two nights while we stay here. I have no clue how I am going to survive even these two nights. With two parents you can each take a kid and a bit of sleep is usually had. I have zero hope for sleep while Matt is gone. I am sure this phase of nighttime fun will end one day. It will... right?

While suggestions are always appreciated, what I really want is for you to just come to my house and watch my kids while I take a nap. Or even better, how about you stay up all night with them while I get eight hours straight! Sound good? When can I expect you?


Breigh said...

Eish that sounds awful! I'd totally come play with the kids while you nap, if I lived closer!

Just me said...

I'm not offering to come and look after the kids...but maybe this is a good time for the grandparents to come for a visit.

Tina said...

If you move to Saskatchewan I would help you everyday. :)

Erica said...

I can help you out Monday night if you want...Tuesday is still for the budget meeting, alas.

Tigger said...

I am afarid that all I can lend is a sympathetic ear, I am too far to sit for you....sorry

Morena said...

Wow, I'm never going to complain again about what now seems to be minor and few sleep problems with O. I feel so sorry for you, I can't believe you are even functioning, I'm a bitch when I don't sleep. I can't offer any relief but I sure do feel for you and am sending your kids sleepy vibes.

chrissmith said...

I feel for you Kara! I myself am a complete b*** if I do not get sleep. kids are older but we still go throgh periods were no one sleeps much..oh and we also play musical beds..alot!

Aida said...

i feel for you.. i know its hard and there is no light at the end of the tunnel but this too shall pass. this is a phase that i was sooo glad it came and pass.

maybe just get everyone to sleep in the same bed? the big bed that is, push it to the wall? or maybe just Cavan and let Hunter sleep alone? can you boob him while you are sleeping? i dunno but when Ben was older (cavan's age), its open all night bar and i sleep, he usually lets go when he is done. will white noise work? maybe some music?

Asheya said...

Ouch, I feel for you. Sleep deprivation does no one any good. Are there any reliable teenagers in your neighbourhood, or possibly even a granny or two who might let you get that nap?

It sounds like you want to have separate sleep spaces, but while Matt is away it's possible you would get more sleep just giving in and sleeping all in the same bed. Keep in mind I said possible :) not guaranteed, ha ha. What is with kids and their enjoyment of not sleeping?!!!

And the throwing up--I've so been there, and anticipate many more fun years of night time throwing up by my three kids. The only saving grace to that is that at least it's your own kids throw up. I don't think I'd do very well dealing with other people's kids.

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

So I tried putting all three of us in a bed... well the baby thinks it is play time and was jumping around like a lunatic! hehehe

I am just sleeping with Hunter to make life easier, like you guys have suggested! Now if only I could make the baby sleep for more than two hours at a time.

Thanks everyone for the thoughts! :)