Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How would you like...

At lunch today my husband came through the door and yelled, "How would you like a week long all expenses paid vacation to.... (and here I think somewhere hot like Mexico)... Mayo!" Hmmm, not exactly what I was thinking!

Matt's position at the health centre is as a float. He is full time, permanent staff however if another community is short of staff and Faro is fully staff, he gets shipped out. We have been so lucky this winter that Matt has been working nearly the entire time here. I would be pulling my hair out if he was gone a lot. These boys require a lot of work!

So off to Mayo we will all go in a couple of weeks. The only downfall is my internet addiction. The nursing units have no internet. Booooo. And I am a hardcore junkie. Perhaps someone will be silly enough to leave their connection unlocked and I can get on! Yes, I am that pathetic, but I am one with my patheticness (I know, that isn't a word. But I am okay with that too). At least they have satellite! Treehouse, Lost, Survivor and Amazing Race here I come!!

Any suggestions as to fun stuff to see and do while in Mayo?

Watch out Mayoites! We will be bringing our chaos your way soon!


Tina said...

Hell I had to google it to find out where it was! The only Mayo I know is the Mayo Clinic, and I didn't think you'd be bringing the boys there! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Kara

I looked it up online it looks like a very pretty little place and a few things to do. I hope you enjoy yourself and have a great time.


Anonymous said...

Wow I can not even spell my name tonight.......LOL

LYNNE there is that right now

Erica said...

OH no! What will I do without you guys?