Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Finger Food Ideas Please!

Cavan has decided he is a big boy now and wants to feed himself. He refuses to eat anything off a spoon served by me unless it is yogurt (I dip the spoon in oatmeal first, then cover it in yogurt; I am so sneaky).

Hunter was so much easier. I made heaps of awesome meals that he let me spoon feed to him. So please share with me what finger foods you give your baby. I really need some ideas! Right now his favorite finger foods are bread, peas, and cheerios.

Wrong end, right orifice!


Shelagh said...

Cooked cubes of carrots?

Ann said...

be brave - spaghetti

dogsled_stacie said...

You nut! Only on Kara's blog would you read something like: "wrong end, right orifice!" LOL

Fawn said...

- corn
- raisins (can be softened up in water first to make them less "choky")
- cooked up cubed Golden Delicious apples (a staple at our house)
- other cut up fruit such as watermelon, grapes, plums, nectarines, cantaloupe...
- chick peas or other beans
- cubes of cheese
- cubes of chicken thigh (another staple here!)
- cooked fusilli or other short pasta
- grated carrots
- tortillas
- cubed tomatoes
- cubed avocados
- fried potatoes (you know, like homemade hashbrowns)
- mini muffins with carrot or zucchini to up the nutritional content
- any kind of chunky soup or stew is great -- just strain off the broth to make it less messy

Man, I am so full of ideas for kids who don't have food restrictions! :D

Fawn said...

Also, if you are ready to introduce him to eggs, you can scramble eggs (or even just the yolks, if you want to avoid whites) and serve them as finger food after they've cooled a bit.

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Wow!! Thanks everyone! Fawn definitely wins the prize for the most suggestions!

I really appreciate them all. My brain just seems to be switched to off lately.

Stacie- I try to use my big words once in a while to prove that the $100k of student loan debt I paid off was worth while...

Aida said...

your last comment made me

when the kids were younger, anything that we eat always end up on the kids table except extra spicy stuff.

Megan said...

Michael was ALL about finger food. This was good, because I hated holding that tiny spoon. We gave him whatever we were eating, but he was especially fond of pieces of seaweed (dulse), avocados, Craisins, and Cheerios.

Elise said...

My son never ate any puree food. When he was around 7 months old, I realised that he was just completely into finger foods. He also had a lot of teeths and his first molars came when he just turned 1. So little by little, I just added any vegetable you can think off: cooked cubes of potato, sweet potato, any peas, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, of course pasta too. Quickly, I tried to cook them less and less so that he would get used to crunchy.
And why don't you just let him spoon-feed himself? S. was also very much into using his spoon and fork by himself and by age 1, he was feeding himself for half of his meal (while I was doing the dishes or simply seating and resting). Then when he got tired, he let me feed him for the rest of his meal. It was slightly messy but really hepful for me - the more he does by himself, the better off I am :)

Morena said...

Oliver has been refusing the spoon now for a while so I feel your pain. I have to say I like Fawns suggestions cause I'm still at a loss sometimes. Oliver loves little bits of pizza, cheese especially, Goldfish crackers, spagetti (very messy though) mandarine oranges, strawberries, mango, corn, little tiny meatballs. Pretty much whatever we're eating as long as it's on his plan. The Oliver plan doesn't include alot of meat so I put bbq sauce on things to trick him into eating it and it also doesn't include apples, pears, banana... white fruit of any kind. He's a strange kid.

Carole said...

It's better than "right end, wrong orifice" !!